Writing film reviews

In this post you will learn how to write a good film review.

Activity 1: First read this review of the film Titanic and complete the blanks.

Titanic review

Activity 2: Now complete these activities on-line to learn some vocabulary, verbal tenses used in a film review and its structure.


Activity 3: Visit this website to learn how to write a book or film reviews.

book film reviews

Here is a worksheet with vocabulary you can use to write a film review: Some vocabulary for talking about and reviewing movies

Activity 4: Finally, write your own film review and send it via a comment on this post (180-200 words). Include the trailer or a scene of your film.


12 thoughts on “Writing film reviews

  1. Triana Delgado Hernández says:

    Write a review of your favourite film
    One of my favourite films is Toy Story 3. Is the third film of a trilogy, directed by Walt Disney Picture, the same director of Mickey Mouse, and this is an animated film to everyone. Her character are dolls and teddys, for example Barbie and Ken by Mattel.
    This animated film is U.S. This movie was filmed in 2010 by computer programs. They live in a house of a boy, and he is more adult and he´ll study at the univertisty. Due to, he was donated her dolls to one nursery school. But the dolls have life when anybody can see them and they live a different adventures.
    My reasons why I recommend this animated film is because is very funny for children and adult too, because when your are more adults, your understand better the meaning of story and you can see indentified with situations daily. My favourite toy is Buzz Lightyear because is a character really brave and fight to the end of story by being with his friends in the best place.

  2. Angela says:

    My favourite film is Dear John. The movie was directed by Lasse Hallström and it’s based in a book written by Nicholas Sparks. The main characters are Amanda Seyfried, Channing Tatum.

    John (Channing Tatum) is a person who is a soldier. When he is in South Carolina for visit to his father, he meets Savannah (Amanda Seyfried). They fall in love in a few weeks, but John has to go to the war. Savannah promisses him to write. The distances is too much and they broke up. When John comes back to the city, he goes to visit to Savannah and he sees like Savanna has done a new life.

    Dear John is one of my favourite film firstly because it’s a good adaptation, secondly because the actors are good (I love how Amanda plays) and finally, because it’s a film with a romantic genere that it’s not is typical, that is, it has a sad end. I think all the people have to give it a oportunity.

  3. Gabriel González and Antonio José Palacios says:

    The Groundhog Day
    The Groundhog Day is an American movie starring Bill Murray, Andie McDowell and Chris Elliot. It was filmed in 1993 and it was directed by Harold Ramis. Now I am going to tell you the plot of this Comedy film:

    Phil Connors (played by Bill Murray) is a meteorologist who, one day, is assigned to the town Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania; to report the festivity of The Groundhog Day. There, he is aware in a time loop: He lives the same day.

  4. Esther González y Eva Pavón says:

    Our favourite film is ”Corpse Bride”. This flim is written by Tim Burton in 2004. It is an animation movie, where the leading roles are a young boy called Victor, his true wife called Victoria, and the corpse bride called Emily.

    The ”Corpse Bride” is a love story. Victor make a mistake, and he gets married with a dead woman. She falls in love with him, but they can’t be together, because she’s dead and he’s alive. She must kill him, and he acepted. Finally she realizes that the heart of him belongs to Victoria. At this moment she becames in butterflies ,and desappears in the sky. Emily reaze in pace, and Victor and Victoria get married.

    There are many reasons why we would recomended this flim. We love the work of Tim Burton, and our favourite movies are those which has a sad ending. This is a beautifoul story of an imposible love.

  5. Alonso Hidalgo says:

    Write a review of your favourite film.

    One of my favourite film is “El Mundo es Nuestro”. It’s make by Alfonso Sánchez, Some of the leading roles are played by actors like Alfonso Sánchez, Alberto López, Olga Martínez, Daniel Morilla, Antonia Gómez, José Rodríguez, Estrella Corrientes, Miguel Ángel Sutilo, Pepa Díaz-Meco, María Cabrera Vasco, María Teresa Sandoval, Pepe Quero, Antonio Dechent…

    This is a film based in a comedy of the humour of Seville, city of Spain. Two character want to rob a bank to go to Brazil. What looked to be a simple job, it’s complicated by the irruption of Fermin, a businessman that has a bomb. He requires the presence of television to call attention to their problem that is a bad economic situation. Then, the film becomes a kidnapping.

    There are three reasons why I would recommend “El Mundo es Nuestro”. Fistrly, is the first comedy that criticizes the current situation caused by the bankers and corruption. Secondly, the money that they win they are intended to charity and second because the film is very funny!

  6. Carmen Fernández says:

    One one my favourite movies is “Howl’s Moving Castle”, directed by the amazing Hayao Miyazaki.

    Based on a fantasy novel written by the British author Diana Wynne Jones, this movie tells the story of Sophie, a young milliner. She suffers the witchcraft of the Witch of the Waste and then, she changes her life to the fullest extent when she goes to work in the moving castle of Howl, a wizard who is said to steal the souls of young women.No one could say accurately at what time is set this movie, because it’s got a rare blend of materials belonging to different eras.

    I think the main reason of why I love this movie, is because it explores several common themes in the literature, like destiny, youth, courage and love. It represents different ways of looking at life, you can see clearly this in the actitude of the two main characters. From the beginning, the idea of the fate of Sophie, makes her think she’s doomed to fail bacause she’s the oldest of three sisters. This contrasts with the attitude of Howl, who doesn’t worry about what society thinks of him.

    In summary, “Howl’s Moving Castle” is a beautiful movie, visually and because of his story and I recommend it completely to everybody. It’s one of that movies you have to see before you die 🙂

  7. Eva Cristina Gomes Barbosa and Paola Fernández Rey says:

    Titanic is a american film released in 1997, it’s genre are drama and Romance, this film was directed by James Cameron and stared by Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet and Billy Zane.

    The action takes place in enormous ship called Titanic that sank in the midle of the atlantic ocean(realy happened), the fiction part of the film is love story between two young people, Rose and Jack, they were from diferents world, she was rich and he poor, also, Jane was engaged with a man that she didn’t love.Jane met Jack and they fall in love, this impossible love story ends with the death of Jack in the ship sinking and Jane survive and can scape of her borring life in the rich society.

    I think it’s a good film and can make you cry, I recomend you to see this amazing film.

  8. Rociio Heartbeat says:

    My favourite film is Brave by Pixar Animation Studio, is a company of graphics 3D, her headquarters are in CA, and they do shots flims or feature film like Brave.

    Brave is dubbing by Kelly McDonnal (Merida) , Billy Connolly, Emma Thompson and Julie Walters, Dobly Atmos is the company where Brave was recording, the director were Mark Andrew, Brenda Chapman and Steve Purcell.

    This year, Brave won a Oscar, for animated feature, Mark Andrew and Brenda Chapman won Tim Burton what is so popular in this prizes.

    Mark and Brenda made a good job because this film it was so difficult to do it for the graphic, for example, Merida’s hair, if you saw the movie, you can watched the movemment that her hair had, Mark and Brenda take a long time to draw and give it the movemment.
    So they merit the Oscar’s prize.

    Another curiosity is that in 2008, Brenda Chapman said that one of posibles tittles will be “The bear in the bow” but it was in 2010 when Andrew and Brenda joinnig and chose Brave for the final tittle.

    Now you can see that they ware late to two years…

    I recommend you this film because have a moral, but I can tell you 😉

    The original trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEHWDA_6e3M

  9. Elena says:

    One of my favourite fimls is ‘Jeux d’Enfants’.

    Since it’s a romance, it doesn’t include extravagant special effects, but it stars two marvellous actors: Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet, who incredibly, are together as a couple in real life.

    The movie is set in Liège, Belgium, where Julien (Guillaume) is given a present from his mother: a little metal box. He meets Sophie (Marion) one day, and they get on right after. They decide to play a game called “Cap ou pas cap?” (Are you game or not?) Which consisted of challenging the other, if the challenge was accepted, the person was rewarded with the box. After some years, they became a couple, but those challenges were more and more dangerous.

    I’d totally recommend it to girls, (sorry boys, you’re just not so sensitive) they’d love the whole love-hate story and the ending of the movie… or should I say the endings?

    I dare you to watch the movie. Are you game or not?

  10. Carmen M. Romero says:

    Hi! One of my favourite fimls is ”The corpse bride”, directed by Tim Burton.

    It’s a beautiful movie and, of course, the supporting ”actors” are voiced by Johnny Depp (as Victor Van Dort) and Helena Bonham Carter (as Emily, the corpse bride).

    The movie is set in a fictional Victorian era village, in Europe, where Victor is going to marry Victoria Everglot, Lady Maudeline Everglot and Lord Finis Everglot’s daughter. Victor is a little bit clumsy so, after ruining the ”practice of the wedding”, he ran into the cementery and surprisingly got marry with a corpse!

    I’d completely recommend this film because is funny, and sad at the same time, and it’s ending is absolutely beautiful… Other reason of why I’d recommend it, it’s the BSO, which is amazing (by the incredible Dani Elfman).

    Here’s the trailer!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnniLlnsooI

  11. Rocio Torrado says:

    One of my favourite films is Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

    Is a drama film based on the true story. It was directed by Lasse Hallström, written by Stephen P. Lindsey and stars Richard Gere, Joan Allen, and Sarah Roemer.
    Parker is a college professor who teaches music and pick a day to a dog, which is left in a season. Parker takes it home. Both feel a special affection and is based on the true story of a dog so loyal to his owner who went every day to the station to wait.

    I’d recommend this film because sample the true fidelity and confidence and we can learn a little bit of that.
    In my opinion, I like so much this film because tries to teach us that a dog always will be your best friend.

    The original trailer is this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6U7mAnPtw4

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