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Writing factual texts: articles, reports and reviews

on March 4, 2013

With this post you will learn about different types of text.

Activity 1: Complete this activity on-line.


Activity 2: Now learn about these different types of texts with more details.

writing fun

Answer these questions:

  1. What is the difference between factual texts and and creative or literary texts?
  2. What types of texts above are factual writings?
  3. Which ones are creative texts?

Activity 3: Now learn how to write effective magazine articles. Copy and pasta all the phrases you can use to write a magazine article in a document.

rhetoActivity 4: Visit this website to learn how to write a good book or film reviews.

book film reviews

Here is a worksheet with vocabulary you can use to write a film review: Some vocabulary for talking about and reviewing movies


One response to “Writing factual texts: articles, reports and reviews

  1. Maria says:

    Our favourite film is The Lion King 3. It’s a film of Walt Disney created in 2004 directed by Bradley Raymond. It’s the third film and the last of Lion King saga.The film is narrated by Timon and Pumba who tell us how live Timon before know Pumba with her family. And tell us how Timon meet Pumba. They arrive to the King’s Rock but Pumba say that he don’t like the places with a lot of pleople because when he is nervous he firts.

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