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Adding -ING for the present continuous

on March 13, 2013

On this post you can practise the spelling of the .ING form of the verbs in present continuous.

Activity 1: Learn the rules to form the -ING form.


Activity 2: Play this spelling game.



5 responses to “Adding -ING for the present continuous

  1. marta herencia says:

    Hello my favourite teacher your activities are very amazing,fun,interesting…etc.See you tomorrow.Bye kisses:)

  2. Estefania Galloso says:

    Hi teacher! the activities are instructive and are helping me study for the exam tomorrow, Bye kisses xo

  3. carmen herrera moreno says:

    hello teacher STUDING are very funny with their games are vary easy. See tomorrow (L) 🙂

  4. Danii Ventura Fernádez says:

    Hello Teacher.
    I do your activity!
    It’s very interesting

  5. marisole says:

    teacher this year has sevido me to study

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