The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe

The second short story this year is “The Cask of Amontillado” by the American writer Edgar Allan Poe. Click here to download a printed copy of all the short stories for the three terms.

Activity 1: First of all, let’s learn more about Edgar Allan Poe. Visit this website and find out about him as a person and as a writer. Send a comment to this post with the most interesting information about Poe’s biography and about his most important literary works.


Activity 2: Here is the link to the text of the short story. Read the story and make a list with the words you did not understand.


Activity 3: Finally, this is a link to an animated story about “The Cask of Amontillado”. The song included is by the band Allan Parson Project released in the year 1976.

Here is the lyrics video with the lyrics of the song:

If you want to read a bilingual version, click here.

Activity 4: Finally, listen to another short story written by Edgar Allan Poe: “The Tell Tale Heart”:


18 thoughts on “The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe

  1. Diego and Belen says:

    An orphan at the age of two…

    A schoolboy who had mastered even the most complex Latin works by the time he was a teenager…

    An athletic student who defended his friends from the biggest bullies…

    A man deeply connected with Baltimore…

    Why did Edgar Allan Poe die?

    No one has ever been able to really answer that question. There have been theories. But, no one knows the real story. Now, it’s your turn to try to solve this mystery — one of the most engaging in all of literature.

  2. Moisés & Víctor says:

    Edgar Allan Poe was — as all people are — part of the time and place in which he lived.

    He was also a very sharp observer of the events and people he met, read about, or learned about by talking with others.

  3. Helen & Peter says:

    The things that we think that are more interesting are:
    – Poe become orphan at the age of two
    – Anyone knows why he died
    – He become crazy
    – Poe’s image and words live on today in many ways you might not have even imagined.
    – Every year in his birthday, a strange man visit the grave of Poe and put three roses, every year.
    – He started to drunk and become alcoholic
    Elena Macías & Pedro Rodríguez

  4. Diego and Belen says:

    His main important works are: “the tell tell heart” that its a famous novel and a play and “the raven” that is on of his most important poems other story is “the black cat”.

  5. María Esther Anguera and Estíbaliz Vargas says:

    A interesting thing about the the life of Edgad Allan Poe is that he was an athletic student who defended his friends from the biggest bullies and Poe built his short story “The Gold Bug” around a cryptogram. The main character has to know how ciphers work in order to solve this mystery.

  6. Ana Serrano y José Manuel Talaverón says:

    In our opinion there are many interesting things for example:
    The detective succeeds in solving the crime where others have failed and this is
    very interesting.
    All the money he ever earned came from his poems, short stories and more things
    And the most interesting is:
    Many of them are versions of the same poem or short story. As a writer, Poe spent a great deal of time polishing his works.

    Ana Serrano y José Manuel Talaverón 4ºB

  7. Rocío García and Alba Aragón says:

    Interesting facts about Edgar Allan Poe.
    No one can answer the question “Why did Allan Poe die?” There have been theories, but no one knows the real story.
    He was also a very sharp observer of the events and people he met, read about, or learned about by talking with others.
    Poe was also very interested in secret languages. He prided himself on his ability to create and solve cryptograms,
    In fact, one of the cryptograms he may have created was just solved in 2000.

  8. María Mahindo says:

    I really liked the poem “The Raven” by Allan Edgar, because I love poetry and this is very well, and Allan Edgar is a great poet. who is one of his most important poems.
    The poet describes the anguish that it causes the death of his beloved. That anguish embodies a black crow, after being questioned, answered again and again: Never again.
    Poem obsessive rhythm in which anxiety is taking hold of the reader, full of internal rhymes, alliteration erre obsessive restlessness will produce a result similar to the rubbing of the wings of a crow to invade our daily lives.

  9. Rafael Fresno and Manuel Graván says:

    Edgar Allan Poe was an orphan at the age of two. In 1818, when he was nine years old, he was known as “Master Allan,”He was a very sharp observer. He’s considered the inventor of the detective story and the father of the modern American short story. He was a prolific writer. One of his most famous works is “The Raven” (1845).

  10. dani y marta says:

    Something interesting about the Poe’s life can be: he was an orphan, also he was a good student ,athletic and defensor of his friends bullies. He helped the world to understand science fiction and he was a perfectionist writing poems and histories. He writed short histories like “The black cat” and poems like “The bells”, also he writed so much more.

  11. Sergio Garrido Gonzalez says:

    The real name of Edgar Allan Poe’s “Edgar Poe” but after the death of his biological parents was raised by John Allan and his wife however was never official adoption and the relationship between Edgar and his adoptive father was very bad, once he sent her a letter in which he asked some money with the following message: “in the name of God, have mercy and save me from the misery” but his adoptive father never answered the letter and in fact when Edgar Allan Poe joined the Army John Allan disinherited him.

    With regard to the army, Edgar Allan Poe had to lie about their age to be recruited. His age was 18, but said he did have 22 and, at that time the soldiers receiving salary was $ 5 monthly.

    It is characterized by a preponderance of feeling against reason, the importance of the self, the unfinished, imperfect accuracy against neoclassicism. Escape the tradition to try to create something new. Poe is part of a fantastic literature, nothing regia. Therefore, it is neoclassicist. It fits better in the romance.

    Sergio Garrido Gonzalez 4ºB

  12. José Manuel Grande Pousa says:

    The cause of his death is still a mystery. It is believed that probably he died from consuming too much alcohol, but not related with out as causes of anger, heart attack, syphilis, meningitis …

  13. Paola Andrea Ribera & José David Murillo.

    The comment:
    He was a writer.He was known as America’s first great literary critic and theoretician.
    His most outstanding works were tales of terror and his haunting lyric poetry.
    His works have been in print since 1827 and include such literary classics as “The Tell-Tale Heart,” “The Raven,” and “The Fall of the House of Usher.”

    Poe was born in Boston on January 19,1809. In 1826 Poe left Richmond to attend the University of Virginia, where he excelled in his classes while accumulating considerable debt.

    He going to West Point, Poe published another volume of poetry.
    Poe turned to Baltimore with his aunt Maria Clemm.
    He married with Virginia Clemm.
    Finally Poe died on October 7, 1849 at the age of forty. The exact cause of Poe’s death remains a mystery.

  14. Nerea Núñez y Nerea Leal says:

    Hi is a person who were in an orpah at the age of two, andis an atlhetic student….
    Hi is a writer is the inventor of ddetective story, a skillful poet…..
    Nerea Leal, y Nerea Núñez

  15. pepeguis9 says:

    My comment
    I think the most interesting in this story is the different points of view that have the characters
    For example:
    The narrator tell the story in a impartial way
    The point of view of Montresor is very interesting, He believe in the revenge and in the law of the eye for eye. When Fortunato insult him, Montresor think that he need punish to Fortunato.
    In my opinion the point of view of Fortunato is the most innocent.
    Fortunato were always playing jokes (for example in the carnivals) and when Fortunato played a joke to Montresor, Montresor became very angry, (but Fortunato didn’t think in the revenge). He did it with good intentions.

  16. Mª Mar Casillas says:

    Edgar Allan Poe

    He had a very difficult childhood because he was an orphan when he was 2 years old. He defended his friends of the bullies because he was an athletic boy.
    In my opinion, the most interesting information about his life is his dead. Anyone know the real story and there are only theories.

    He wrote only one novel, “The Adventures of Arthur Gordon Pym” , which tell the story of a shipwreck. The 4 survivor decide killer and eat the most youngest, a boy called Richard Parker. He was 17 years old.
    A strange success happened in July 1884, 35 years after Edgar Allan Poe died.
    A ship sail to Australia with 3 persons and a boy of 17 years old. The ship sink and some days after drifting in the ocean, the 3 person decide kill and eat the boy.
    What was the name of this boy? … Richard Parker
    A dream? A coincidence? A premonition?
    Nobody know it.

    His most important literary work is “The Raven” (1845)

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