Describing houses

On this post you will learn how to describe houses.

Activity 1: Pay attention to Asun’s ideal house. Say if the statements are true or false.

ideal house

Activity 2: Lean about the parts of the house with this presentation.


Activity 3: Read this interactive book about the description of houses.


Activity 4: Visit this haunted house and find the different rooms and objects. Write them in your notebook.

Activity 5: Visit this house and discover its rooms. Write the names of the rooms in your notebook.


4 thoughts on “Describing houses

  1. carmen herrera moreno says:

    hello teacher , i play whit your activities , are very funny , i want see you in the mooring of the “madrugá ” and i tell you one photo , see you ¡ 🙂 😉

  2. Gemichi;) 1ªB ESO says:

    Hello my favorite teacher I have been doing the activities and have taught at the camp amis parents.


  3. Marta S :) says:

    Hello teacher!!!!! I do the Asun’s presentation but I don’t now why I cannot do the others activities. I haven’t got time to write in the blog because is a special week but today I finish the homeworks. Teacher, can you repeat and explain again the lesson of the last class the next English’s class? Some childrens were on a excursion and we want to know all the lesson with Asun and you. If you can this, tell me please.
    Goodbye teacherrrrrrrrrrr 🙂

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