Regular simple past

In this post we will learn the verb “to be” in past simple, practise with the expressions “there was / there were” and learn about the spelling and pronunciation of regular past verbs.

Activity 1: Complete with “was / were” and “there was / there were”.


Activity 2: Now make questions using “were”.


Activity 3: Now learn how to form the past simple of regular verbs.

past simpleee

Activity 4: Let’s practise the spelling of these regular simple past verbs.


Activity 5: Now learn about the pronunciation of regular simple past.


Activity 6: Finally, complete this interactive activity about the pronunciation of regular past simple tense.



7 thoughts on “Regular simple past

  1. carmen herrera moreno says:

    hello teacher i’m playing whit the exercises , is very easy and very interesting :3 see you later 🙂

  2. ireene fernandez lopez says:

    Hi teacher ! I’m playing the exercises, is very funny and easy…
    see you later the ‘Feria’ 😀

  3. Marta S :) says:

    Hello teacher!! I do the exercises of the calendar and also I’m playing with the games of was and were and all the activities are very funny and educational. Later, I want to study the presentation of A Wartime House and I’m going to do a sculpture with soap for Art and Design 😉
    Bye teacherrrr!!!!!!!

  4. Marta S :) says:

    Also teacher, the trailer of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is on Youtube, if you can see this and you want to put on the blog the trailer are very interesting. I’m sad because the film will be put in cinemas on 22nd on November 😮

  5. Alicia says:

    Hello teacher Im alicia i did the exercises there were very easy and interesting good bay teacher
    Have a good “feria” 🙂

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