Means of transport

On this post you will learn about the different means of transport.

Activity 1: First, learn the words for the main means of transport.


Activity 2: Now complete the following activities on-line.


Activity 3: Now play this game about animals and means of transport.


Activity 4: Put the following words in the correct place.


Activity 5: Finally, complete this interactive lesson about transport classification.



6 thoughts on “Means of transport

  1. Marta S :) says:

    Hi teacher! I do the activities and I practice with some interestics games. I listen in English a TV programm and some songs to practice for the listening in the next exam 😉
    I see you next Wednesday.
    Byeeeeee!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. carmen herrera moreno says:

    hello teacher , i practice with the activities but the last i can’t play 😦 , but no is a problem because we have another very goods game to practice 🙂 see you tomorrow

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