More about the past simple

We continue to learn the form and uses of the past tense in English.

Activity 1: Complete these activities on-line.

past simple

Activity 2: Finally practise with these interactive presentation about the past simple and dates in English.


Activity 3: Finally, let’s listen to a beautiful song by the band Coldplay “Yellow”. Write down all the verbs you see in past simple.

Watch this lyrics video of the same song created by students. It is great!

Here is the song by Adele “Someone Like You”. Can you find all the verbs in past?

Send a comment! Do you know any other songs where verbs in past simple appear? Send us the link!


2 thoughts on “More about the past simple

  1. Alejandro Martín Verjillos says:

    Hello teacher! This summer I am going to swim,console,I am going to the aquopolis…I have take a photo,eat,play small park…listen to the music,play volley ball the beach…
    My summer is fantastic!

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