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Reported Speech

on May 27, 2013

In this post you will learn how to use the reported speech of statements, questions, orders and suggestions.

Activity 1: First, take a look at this video about reported statements. Write the sentences that appear in reported speech.

Activity 2: Now, take a look at reported questions. Write down the questions in reported speech.

Activity 3: Finally, click on this video about the verbs used in reported speech. Write down the verbs mentioned and write an example with each of them.

Activity 4: Now in pairs play this game.


Activity 5: Finally, learn about the verbs used with reported speech.

reported verbs

Homework: At home click on this presentation, study the grammar and complete the activities in your notebook. Dont forget to check your answers.

To study: Here is a document with the main verbs used in reported speech.


Make a comment!  Don’t forget to post a comment on this activity. Your opinion is important!

If you want to learn English grammar with more videos, visit the British Council website:


One response to “Reported Speech

  1. Rocio Torrado & Paula Huerta says:

    We think that the activities are very good and we can learn so much. It’s interesting and enjoyable! 🙂

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