The first lyric videos are here!

The first lyric videos are here! Congratulations on your great job!

Lyric video 1: This is a video created by Jane, Carmen M, Eva Cristina and Carmen F. for the song “Teeneagers” by Chemical Romance. Great video for the creativity, unconvencionality and anti-violence message.

Lyric video 2: Here is the lyric video created by Laura, Ángela, Lucía, Triana, Eva and Esther for the song “One Way or Another” by One One Direction. Excellent video for its originality, hard work and fun too!

Lyric video 3: Here is the video created by Elena, Isa and Lucía for the song “So What” by Pink. Awesome video for the really hard work and imagination.

Video Clip 4: This is a video clip created by Paola and Rocío for the mashup “Pop Danthology”. Spectacular video for their talent and craziness!

Lyric video 5: Finally, here is a lyric video created by Rocío and Paula about the song “Sober” by Pink. An excellent video for its dramatism and creativity!


Send a comment! Which is your favourite lyric video? Send a comment and choose your favourite project and explain why.


28 thoughts on “The first lyric videos are here!

  1. Mr. Sánchez says:

    WOW! Wonderful videos ALL of them… really! So congratulations, guys!
    Still, I would vote for #1 as my favourite!

  2. Mª Mar Casillas says:

    Hello everybody!
    After see every song, I’m going to write my opinion about them.
    All the videos are perfect and good but my favourite is the last video which was created by Paola and Rocío.
    I know that it isn’t a lyric video but I think that is the video more difficult. Sure that they needed a lot of time to make the music, to record them, to create the video … In conclusion, I love it!
    Another thing that I like so much is that the music mix a lot of actual songs which everybody know.

    Also, I like the video of the song “Teenagers” because they are very funny and they have a lot of imagination.

    See you!
    Mª Mar

  3. kelly alban sacon 1ºA says:

    hi,my beutiful,best and favorite teacher!
    my lyric is the 4 because is very exciting and this well done
    bye,bye teacher
    I LIKE the lyric 4. Is best.

  4. Elena Macías 4ºB says:

    My favourite video is the lyrics video 3, so what. I prefer this because I love the pictures that the girls use for make the lyrics. I like very much the way which they show the lyrics of the song like the movile phone or the popcorns. They use pictures very original and varied pictures. Is a colorful video, and I think that is a video very hard to do, and being two persons, the video is really well, so it has more merit. I love the song too. 🙂

  5. Hi everyone!
    I select the fourth video because is so funny, because some of the songs are of my favourites and the duration of it.
    The unique thing that fail is that the lirics weren’t writted but it was so good.

  6. Marta Herenciia says:

    Hello my favourite teacher,my favourite lyric video is number 4 of Rocío and Paola,are very funny,is fantastic,grongratulations.For me the number 4 is the best.See you tomorrow and kisses:)

  7. Rocío García says:

    My favourite lyric video is the number 4 because is very beautiful and is incredible the imagination that these girls have had, is a great video and I liked it and I love this song of Pink!
    See you 🙂

  8. Alejandro Manzano Vazquez 4ºB
    Hi there everybody!
    My opinion about the videos is : yeah!!. They are fantastic! They seem so worked and funny. My favourite video maybe could be the first one, because besides that it mix written words with representations of the girls , the musical group it’s fantastic. And the others videos are also very good.
    Bye and congratulations!

  9. Alba Aragón 4ºB says:

    Hello bilingual blog!
    Well, in my opinion all the videos are very original, and they have had a difficult work, so CONGRATULATIONS 🙂

    My favourite is the third lyrics video, because the collage is very well done, and the pictures are cool, and some of them are funny. Also, in my opinion they have made ​​a good choice with the song “So what” (very rock!)

    I also like the video made by Paola and Rocío, because it shows that they have worked hard, and the song is super original, (a mashup of some hits in 2013) and they act very well as it is difficult to make a song so long. For all this, it is one of my favorites.

  10. Maria Esther Anguera 4ºB says:

    In my opinion, all the videos are amazing and all the students have done a good job.
    But I have to tell that the last videos it’s very funny and they included a lot of songs so they makes me feel good and with like dancing.

  11. andrea arques:) says:

    I like ALL the videos but my favourite lyric video is the number 3, because i like this song.
    I love this video!! 🙂

  12. Marta Venegas says:

    Hi! My favourite video is the lyric video number 3 because it’s very funny and beautiful. I like the song too. They combine many colors and the video is very creative. Also I like the lyric video “One way or another” because I love this song and I love ONE DIRECTION!
    Bye! 🙂

  13. Estíbaliz Vargas says:

    In my opinion the best lyric video is the video of Paola and Rocío. It’s amazing! It’s verry funny and very creative. The remix song that they choose for the video I ike it so much, its very cool! But all the videos in my opinions are very well and very original too.
    In conclusion: GOOD JOB GUYS! 🙂

  14. Beth 4B says:

    hello everybody!!,
    For me all the videos are incredible but I think that the best one is the one by Rocio and Paola it seems to be so difficult to make it and it has so much work, the other one is the first one it is so difficult to do it and It has a lot of imagination. I think that now I can’t make a video or maybe no one at best like yours, you make a good job! CONGRATULATION 🙂

  15. Nerea L. says:

    Hello to all!
    Good all the videos I have liked and are really well made​​, tiny imagination you have kids! but there is one in particular that I love and is the video 3 that of Elena and Isa.
    is very creative and also pink is my favorite singer, but its a song with a chorus very light and have managed to coordinate perfectly.
    Good work girls!

  16. José David Murillo 4B says:

    Hello guys.

    All videos are goods, but the best video is the first, because is very cool. Good job guys.

  17. Peter says:

    My favorite video is clearly the 4th, This video not include the lyrics, but is incredible!! I love everything, and Paola and Rocío were perfect. Girls, you’re awsome!! ^^

  18. carmen herrera moreno says:

    hello teacher ¡

    all the videos are fantastic but for choose I choose the #4 because is , is fantastic , amazing , funny , beautiful, is good , is all that a girl can find in a video 🙂 kisses

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  19. Hi, super great teacher!! The #2 video was amazing because the song was one of my favourites songs, but, the #4 video wasthe most beautifull. This proect was amazing!

    See you!!

  20. Diego! says:

    My favourites lyrics videos of first of Bachillerato are: The video of the song “Teneagers” because they were very creative,they were thinking about a lot of places to put the lyrics.They were so incredible.And the other is the video of the song “Pop Danthology” because they were so funny and dramatic and the video it’s make with love.7
    XoXo,Diego Pérez Díez.

  21. Daniel Pérez Díez 4ºB says:

    I going to say that my favourite video is the video wich is made by Paola and Rocio. i know that the video doesn’t have any lyrics (Only Popdanthology) but they have done a great work beacuse of their creativity and changes in differents parts of the song, wich is a remix of various artists. The second video that I chose is the video made by Jane, Carmen M, Eva and Carmen F because its have much originality and they do crazy thinks and put the letters in crazy places like a cake or a roll of toilet paper. With this I have to say goodbye! Good luck! ❤

  22. Moisés says:

    Hello everybody!!!! In my opinion all the videos are excellent but i like so much the video of paola and rocio. It a fantastic video !!

  23. Ana Serrano 4ºB says:

    Hello everybody! 😀
    In my opinion the best amazing video is the song of ” So What” the photos are very creatives, and the proyect is really good but all the videos are fantastic for me!
    The songs are very interesting and some photos are entertained.

  24. Gemichi@ says:

    Hello my favorite teacher, the video I most enjoyed was all concrete. They are all very funny.

    Goodbye teacher.

  25. T@m@r says:

    Hello my beautiful teacher. I liked the video Rocio and Paola because it is very difficult and I too that liked Paola’s dog has come out in the video.
    Kisses and see you

  26. Carmen says:

    Hello! Thanks a lot for your comments! I’ll tell you my favourite videos too!: The first one is paola and rocio’s one. It’s very very funny and I love the songs mix and the style. The second one is Isa, LUCIA and Elena’s one, specially the part when Lucia is passing the little pieces of paper on the refrain, I love the hand writing!
    So, there’s my opinion. Bye Bye!

  27. Rafael Fresno says:

    My favourite video is the third one, because I think it’s done with a lot of creativity. I also think that video needed hard work to be done!

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