Our new lyric videos!

Here are the new lyric videos created by our fourth graders.

First lyric video: This is an incredible lyric video created by Rafael Fresno for the song “Still Into You” by Paramore using an animation technique called kinetic typography. A really great job for its high technical quality!

Second lyric video: Here is an excellent lyric video created by a group of very good friends (María Esther, Elena, Estíbaliz and Pedro) using the song “Don’t You Worry Child” by Swedish House Mafia.

Third lyric video: This is a really cool video created by Alba, Belén, Mª Mar, Marta and Rocío for a song perfect for the holidays: “Summer Paradise” bt Simple Plan.

Fourth lyric video: Here is the awesome video created by Moisés, Víctor and José David for the song “Dance With Me Tonight” by Olly Murs.

Send a comment! Which is your favourite lyric video? Send a comment and choose your favourite project and explain why.


2 thoughts on “Our new lyric videos!

  1. Andrea Arques says:

    hello, my favorite teacher!!
    All the videos are very fun but the first is a great job.:D
    bye, see you tomorrow;)

  2. Beth 4B says:

    Hello teacher!,
    All the videos are awesome but my favourite is (mine of course) And the one by Peter,Elena,Estibaliz & Esther is a good video and a good song too. 🙂 see you soon

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