Interesteen: our on-line magazine for cultural exchanges

Here is our new eTwinning project “Interesteen: An on-line magazine for cultural exchanges”.

Teachers of European schools and their students work together and create an e-magazine to show cultural differences and similarities.

The aim of the project is to publish a school magazine on-line including articles in English. This project will encourage language learning and intercultural dialogue in order to know cultural differences and similarities in European countries. Students should learn how to write collaboratively, with both their classmates and partners abroad, and publish articles on-line. Another important objective is the meaningful use of ICT and the growth of our pupils’ critical thinking. We also want to educate students to understand and watch the media, including the Internet, in a critical way.


Activity: Log in, change your password and insert an introduction about yourself in your information. You can add an image too.

Send a comment! Take a look at the magazine and its sections. Which three articles would you like to write within each section? Would you like to include any other section for our magazine? What do you think about this project?


60 thoughts on “Interesteen: our on-line magazine for cultural exchanges

  1. Jose David Murillo and Alejandro Manzano:

    The three articles that we like to write are true stories, interview with…, and 10 things to do in…
    Yes , we would like to create a section like sports and games in Spain.
    And finally, we think that this is one of the best projects that we are doing, and we have done, because is a good idea, and we can know different people and differents points of view, and we think that this is fantastic.

  2. Ana Serrano & Elena Macías says:

    Hi teacher!:D
    We have decided that the 3 sections that we talk about are:
    – Can you believe it?
    – 10 things to do it
    – True stories
    We have selected this topics because we thing that are the most interestig, but we thing that the section of music is a good section for include in the magazine too.
    Is a project very interesting and exciting. The idea of meet people of other countries through this project is wonderful!!
    see you (:

  3. Oscar y Justo says:

    We are justo and oscar!!!
    The titles for some sections could be: Trendin topics: Baba Diawara. Top 10 list: Music
    Keep fit: Going to the gym!

  4. José Antonio Segura says:

    Hello teacher, These are my topics:
    – 10 things to do in…
    – Can you believe it?
    – Top 10 lists
    I like all the topics, but I prefer these ones. I think it will be an excelent project!

  5. Esther Anguera 1ºB bach says:

    Three things that I would like to write are 10 things to do in…; style spot and top 10 lists. I think that they are the most interesting sections. I wouldn’t like to include other section because isn’t necesary. I think the this project is amazing and we’ll enjoy meeting new people.

  6. Ricardo Fernández says:

    In my opinion , i like to write in Style spot, Trendings topic ,or true stories , i think that the web is complete and doesn’t need nothing, . the project is very good

  7. Alba & Belen says:

    Alba: I would like to be an agony aunt, because I think that I could help people to solve their problems. In ten things to do in… , because you can learn new things about differents places and the tittle to my article would be What can you do in…? And my last seccion would be interview with…, Because you can discover and ask interesting questions to different persons.

    Belen: My 3 seccions would be: 10 things to do in…?, because I love travel and with this i can discover new places and they can know the beautiful city that is seville. Then, I would like to be in the seccion creative wirtings because I think that create a story with different persons would be very funny. And I would like to became in an agony aunt.

  8. María Mahindo and Pepe Guisado says:

    Hi, we are María Mahindo and Pepe Guisado, we would like to talk about this topics ” 10 things to do in…”, “cringe” and ” trending topics”, the tittles are going to be the next: “10 things to do in Spain” , “embarrasing moments” , ” trending topics on the social networks” , we think that this project is a good and interesting project.

  9. marta y rocio says:

    Our opinion about the articles that we decide it is that for example trending topics and style spot report about actuality things and we choose cringe because we want give humor to our articles. 🙂

  10. Peter and Mª Mar says:

    Hello we are Peter and Mª Mar!!

    We haven’t got any section in common.
    Peter prefers the sections Ask our Agony Aunts, the Top 10 Lists and the section How-to?
    Me, Mª Mar, I prefer the sections Can you believe it?, Keep fit! and What do you know?

    After a short discussion, we think that the section “Interesting websites ” should be included in the magazine because the Internet is a very important source nowadays.

    We think that this magazine is a very good project because we can meet people from others countries.

    Kisses to everybody 🙂

  11. Rafa and Manuel says:

    We’d like to colaborate in the following sections: “top 10 lists”, with a list of the best games of history; “can you believe it?” with curiosities about animals; and “crisis survival”, to write little tips to save money.

  12. Esther González Florido says:

    In my opinion, the best section is “Cringe”, because I love the laugher and embarrassing articles. My advice is include a hobbies section, for the people can play and entertain.

    The proyect is very funny and interesting both, because you can learn many things, while having fun and learn english.

  13. Jose David Murillo and Alejandro Manzano:

    The three articles that we like to write are true stories like Jose david’s village, interview with an astrophotographic man, and 10 things to do in space.
    Yes , we would like to create a section like sports and games in Spain.
    And finally, we think that this is one of the best projects that we are doing, and we have done, because is a good idea, and we can know different people and differents points of view, and we think that this is fantastic.

  14. Ana Ibañez & Josema Grande says:

    We have choosen, the next sections:
    *Can you belive it?
    *True Stories
    * Stlye sport

    For the section can you belive it a possible article is “A man married with her sexual doll”
    For the true stories we have choose “2d Warr world stories”
    And finally, for style sport the last outfit to practiceeeee swimming

  15. Carlos Sánchez Serrano says:

    In my opinion the three articles wich I write could be 10 things to do, trending topic or top 10 lists. I choose this three because I think that are the more interesting that I can write and it could be easy towrite this sections.

  16. Estíbaliz Vargas says:

    Hi teacher!
    The three articles that I would like to write are “Style spot”, “Crige” and “Laugh out loud”, because in my opinion are the most interesting articles. I would like include other section about artist of each country. I think that this project are very original and very interesting!

  17. Isabel María Carmona says:

    True stories: One day like 3 years ago I was in the centre of Seville with two friends we was walking for many shops when a woman said to us that enter in the new shop, my friends and I we don’t know what about the shop was and when we enter into the shop the shop was from underwear from womans and the girls that work in the shop was a little shocked like my friends and I.

    10 things to do in a raining day: watch a film in your room while you eat pop corn, red a book that you like it, listening music, talk with many people on internet, sleep, cock chocolate, relaxing all day, watch old pictures.

    Trending topics: many apps that the young people use like whatsapp twitter and skype that are tools free for comunication and you don’t need to pay for they.

  18. Alejandro Maceda Guerra says:

    Hi ! My name is Alejandro and the topics that I have choosen are:

    -10 things to do in the future.
    -Top 10 list of the best songs that I´ve ever listened to in my life.
    -Cringe : My embarrased experiences.

    I´m going to do my best to have excellent articles, my topics are very interesting !

  19. Isaac Pérez Benítez says:

    hola, mi nombre es Isaac Pérez Benítez y me gustaria escribir sobre:

    Trending topics, top 10 list y Breaking stereotypes

  20. sandra says:

    Hola , me llamo sandra y me gustaria hablaros sobre …
    – El deporte en mi caso el voleybol .
    – Las dies mejores canciones .
    – Historias verdaderas .

  21. Cristina Herrera says:

    Hi teacher ! My name is Cristina.
    The topics that I have chosen are: – Can you belive it?
    – Creative writing (fantasy)
    – How-to (cooking)
    The magazine project seems interesting and I have wanted to start.

  22. Paula Gil Rodriguez says:

    Hello teacher, I’m Paula and the topics that I have choosen are:
    -Fashion: differents types of clothes and the most famous shops.
    -Music: the type of music that most teens listen.
    -Festivals: the best known festivals in Seville.

  23. Alejandro says:

    Hola, me llamo Alejandro y me gustaría hablaros sobre…
    – El deporte en mi caso el gimnasio .
    – Como superar la crisis.
    – Las diez mejores canciones.

  24. Patricia Ternero says:

    Hi teacher! I’m Patricia Ternero 4th ESO I’m going to choose these topics for the magazine.
    – Trending topics (From twitter)
    – Top 10 (CDs of singers, bands…)
    – Creative writing (Love, drama)
    I like all the topics but I preffer this three. I wanna to start right now! :3

  25. Nazara Ivana Pedraza Cortez says:

    Hola soy Nazara tengo 17 años y quisiera escribir sobre:
    -La moda.
    -Historias reales de terror.
    -Resetas de comida.

    El proyecto me parece interesante, divertido ymuy entretenido.

  26. Marta Romero & Jesus Herencia says:

    Hi teacher!
    We are Marta Romero and Jesus Herencia.
    The articles that we would like write are Can you believe it?, Top 10 list and Interview with…
    In the article of Can you believe it? we will write about an animimal that always are smiling.
    In the article of Top 10 list we will write about all the best music in this moment.
    and in the article of Interview with… we will make a interview to the music group of my cousin (Origin Of Sinergy)

  27. NeReA :) says:

    Hi i’m nerea the topic that I have choosen are:

    – Top 10 list of the best songs that I´ve ever listened to in my life.
    – Breaking Stereotipe
    – Interview

  28. Laura Barreto Rendón says:

    Voy hacer los artículos en conjunto con Miriam Romero y van hacer sobre 10 thing do in …… (sobre monumentos de París). Style spot individual sobre moda (Miriam) y sobre peinados (yo).
    Y el último artículo es How-to (recetas).

  29. Lidia Dominguez Gil says:

    Hello! I’m Lidia and the topics that I am interested are:
    *Monuments: The best monuments in Spain.
    *Fashion: The clothes that all person wearing now.
    *10 things to do in the future

  30. Alicia Aguilares says:

    Hello teacher,I’m Alicia and the topics that I have choosen are:
    -New fashions.
    -Semana Santa ;festival about the catolic religion from Sevilla.
    -Top 10 bests songs and singers of the moment.

    I think that my topics are very interestings.

  31. Mireya says:

    I’m Mireya.
    I want to write about:
    1.Music: I can write about hits, singers and all related with music! The title can be: Music lovers
    2.Travel: I can write about amazing places, where you can spent your holidays and beautiful monuments to see. The title can be: Around the world
    3.Sports: I can write about athletes and sports. The title can be: Sporting live.

  32. Ana Oliver says:

    Hi teacher!
    I’m Ana,and the topics tat I have choosen are:
    -Music about I was talking about the singers in Spain.
    -Accessories about pendants, bracelets, earrings.
    -Tv programs more known in Spain.

    I’m going to do my best to have interesting articles,my topics are very funny!

  33. Inma Fernández says:

    Hi! I’m Inma Fernández and the tópics I have chosen are:
    -Health and sport: I’ll write tips about how to be healthy and how have a good lifestyle. (KEEP FIT)
    -Our body: I’ll write interesting information about our body. (DID YOU KNOW THAT…?)
    -Travel: I’ll write about the most famous cities in the world and the most interesting things about this places. (AROUND THE WORLD)

  34. Laura Gavira says:

    Hello, I’m Laura Gavira Díaz. The topics that I’m interesting are:
    -Fashion, I write about the most beautiful ensemble and the actual fashion. The title cam be: ‘Trendy world’
    -Music, I write about the most famous songs and singers. The title can be: ‘Music maybe..’
    -Dance, I write about the types of dance, like zumba. The title can be: ‘Feel the dance’

  35. Carmen Martín Romero says:

    Hello teacher, I’m Carmen, I’d like to write about music, something related to make up and costumes (for example Halloween) and one article about bellydance.

  36. Antonio Carmona Enríquez says:

    Hello!! I’m Antonio Carmona of 2nd of Bachillerato and I’m going to write articles of this sections: 10 things to do in …. (10 Things to do in a Seville or in a beautiful place), keep fit, (International sports) and What do you know? ( About the Holy Week or the Fair of April)

  37. Alonso Hidalgo says:

    Hello,I’m Alonso Hidalgo of 2nd of Bachillerato and I’m going to write articles of this sections: keep fit (sport), 10 things to do in (Córdoba), What do you know? (sport)

  38. David Fernández 2ºBach says:

    Hi teacher, I’m David Fdez Carretero of 2ºBach and the topics that I’m interesting are:
    -10 things to do in Seville during the holy week.
    – Keep fit with football!
    – the top 10 lists about the best hip hop song.

  39. José Antonio Cárdenas Orta says:

    Here you have my three suggestions for the magazine:

    – I will write individually articles in “Can you believe it?” section, where I will show you some

    surprising things.

    – I will also collaborate in “What do you know?” section, where I will ask readers

    about several topics.

    – Finally, I will participate in “Trending topics” too (I will redact articles about really recent news).

  40. Lucia Fernandez says:

    Hi, I’m Lucía Fernandez Ruiz and my topics are:
    – 10 things to do in Italy (collaborating with Angela, Triana, Eva and with a italian partner)
    -The songs most popular in Spain in 2013.
    – The city most beautiful in Italy.

  41. Angela Ballesteros Pardo says:

    Hiiii I’m Angela and I’m going to write about:
    -10 things to do in Italy (collaborating with Lucía, Triana, Eva and with a italian partner)
    -Fame: Are you sure you want to be a famous person?
    -Best food of Italy (italian partner)

  42. Triana Delgado says:

    Hello teacher! I’m Triana Delgado and i’m spiking about:
    -Andalucian’s singers (individual)
    -10 thing to do in Italy (in group,colaborating with Ángela, Eva.P y Lucia.F and with an Italian patner)
    -Your best travel (with other person)

  43. Elena says:

    I think the topics that I’m going to write about are:

    -Cringe (on my own)
    One of the possible titles could be “You’re not as safe as you think you are” or maybe “Unavoidable”

    -Crisis survival (collaborating with María Lobilo)
    I think we’ll name the article “Tostahuevos”, I’m not sure, we’ll work on it.

    -10 things to do in… (collaborating with partner abroad)
    I reckon “Be your own guide” is a good title for this article! We’ll write about the10 things to do in Spain and my partner abroad’s country during summer and winter: places to go, things we must see and so on. I’ll need some pictures too.

  44. María Anzuga Torres 2ºBach C says:

    Hi. I’m Maria and I’m 17 years old . And I like write in the magazine about the following topics:
    -Keep fit! ( Female football)
    -10 things that do in ( the love)
    -Top 10 list ( the best spanish singer.

  45. Which three articles would you like to write within each section?

    I’m interested in writing articles for these sections:
    Laugh out loud (Let’s cartoon-ize some jokes!)→Title: Cartoon-ized.
    Creative writing (The incredible story of my life [Don’t worry, I’ll try to invent some things!] It could be a regular section) →Title: My incredible life.
    How-to (Cooking easy desserts for those who don’t like to mess their kitchen)→ No-messed up kitchen!
    Can you believe it? (I, think in groups here, can make some optical illusions and a little explanation of how it has been made)
    Top 10 list (Maybe I could write with students abroad at this section, about viral videos or most known/ seen videos here and there)→Title: Top 10 Viral

    I’m not sure if I could participate in all of them, but I’ll try my best! O(≧▽≦)O
    Best regards, Rocío 2nd A

  46. Eva María Pavón says:

    Hi teacher! I’m Eva and I would like to speak about:

    – Who is the everydaylife in our country (abroad student)
    -10 thing to do in Italy (in group, colaborating with Ángela, Eva.P y Lucia.F and with an Italian patner)
    -The place I most admire in Seville and why (individual)

  47. Eva Cristina Gomes Barbosa says:

    hello, for my personal article I’d like to write obout the section keep fit, talking about the dangers of do some diets, do a lot of execices and eating illness.

  48. Rocío Torrado & Paula Huerta says:

    Hi! My name’s Rocío Torrado and I would like write about:
    -Individual: DANCE
    -In pair, with my friend Paula: TRAVEL
    -With the person of out: FILMS

    Hello 🙂 My name’s Paula Huerta and I would like write about:
    -Individual: SEX
    -With my best friend Rocío, TRAVEL
    -With the other persons: POLITIC

  49. Alba and Mary says:

    Hello, we are Maria Lobillo and Alba Bejar. We both want to write the section “crisis survivors”
    Alba wants to write in the section: Grandmy’s remedies. (I need people of other countries that share with me their grany’s recipes for beauty, and things like that (: )
    Maria wants to write in the section: Agony aunt. (I need the students to tell me about their problems or questions)
    Also as a team with the students abroad we would like to write about style, what they wear in their countries and what we wear here.

  50. Andrea Sánchez says:

    Hello teacher I’m Andrea Sánchez and I’ve decided to choose this sections:

    -How-to… Do a delicious and sweet snack, Crêpes!
    -Top 10 list… music videos by an amazing singer.
    -Style spot… About the Autumn wear.

    I hope you like my topics !

  51. Miguel HInojosa says:

    Hi! I’m Miguel.

    I want to write about:

    -10 things to do in Seville

    -How to a cook a cake

    -true stories about fear witch Isaac Pérez

  52. Isaac Pérez Benítez says:

    Hola profesora soy Isaac Pérez Benítez de 4º.
    Me gustaria escribir sobre:
    1. Trending topics
    2. top 10 animals more dangerous
    3. True stories about fear witch Miguel Hinojosa

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