Persuading the class to make a donation to a NGO

Search the Internet to find information about a charity or NGO (non-governmental organization). Try to persuade the class to make a donation. Which national or international organization would you choose? Insert a note in a padlet digital board explaining the reasons why we should donate our money. Include their main mission or aim and an image or video that identifies your organization. Use the following structures for advising and persuading in English: 

Advising and Persuading:

  • Why don’t you ….
  • I think you should ….
  • My advice would be to ….
  • I’m sure you ought to ….
  • Don’t you think it would be better to ….
  • You ought to …
  • You should ….
  • If I were you, I’d ….
  • You’d better ….

To insert your note, just click twice on the digital board below where you will find the examples of two students in our class last year.


Internet resources: Here is a website with all the links to the most important NGs worldwide.


Oral presentation: Next Monday in class you will have to present the information about your NGO. You cannot read the information on the digital board. You can show the image, video or website you will include in your note.


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