Legends of Britain

In this integrated project we are going to learn about different legends of Spain, England and France.
In groups, you will work on different aspects of the following British legends: 
  1. A summary or performance of the legend.
  2. The origin of the legend: historic facts or fiction?
  3. The literary aspects of the legend.
  4. Screen adaptations for the cinema or TV.
  5. Music associated with the legend.
The coordinators of each group will receive all the information and different aspects of your legend from all the members of their groups and will create a presentation using Prezi, Realtime or Google Drive presentation. In class, you will present and perform every story in groups.

Legend 1: Beowulf

Legend 2: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

 Legend 3: Sir Percival

 Legend 4: Robin Hood

 Legend 5: The Fairy Flag of Macleod

Legend 6: Matilda’s Bracelet

Deadline: The presentation of the legends will be on the 5th and 6th of December

Evaluation criteria: Your project will be evaluated according to these criteria.

All the required tasks and sections are included appropriately.
All the required multimedia material is included correctly.
The project is organized appropriately.
The project is beautifully designed.
There are not grammatical, spelling or punctuation mistakes.
A wide range of vocabulary and structures are used.
All students perform their individual tasks correctly.
The project is created appropriately in class.
The project is presented in an interesting and interactive way.
Knowledge of the topic is shown without reading the written information.

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