“The Model Millionaire” by Oscar Wilde

This week you will read a short story by Oscar Wilde: The Model Millionaire, a touching story about a poor man who later becomes rich.

Click here to download the file with the three short stories we have to read this year.

Activity 1: Visit this website about Oscar Wilde and answer the following questions about his life and literary works.


Click here to download the worksheet about Oscar Wilde.

Activity 2: Now read the story and write down the words you don’t understand in a Google drive document.

Activity 3: Each student will include a question about the short story in a wallwisher. You cannot repeat the question.

The Model Millionaire Wallwisher 

Activity 4: For homework, find the answers to all the questions. Next Tuesday you will have to complete a short test with some of these questions and the biography and works of Oscar Wilde.

Activity 5: Listen to the story with this video:

Activity 6: Finally, watch the following trailers about films based on Oscar Wilde’s works.

Listen to the trailer of the film “The Importance of Being Earnest”

Now watch the trailer of the film “An Ideal Husband”

Finally, here is the trailer of the film based on “The Picture of Dorian Gray”

Activity 7: Here is the most complete and “sincere”glossary of terms you may not understand in this short story by the student Mª del Mar last year. Copy and paste this list and complete it with your words: Glossary of “The Model Millionaire”


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