Present Perfect

With this post you will definitely master the present perfect tense and all the adverbs that can go with them.

In this unit we will learn how to form and use the present perfect tense in English.

Activity 1: Listen to the explanation about the present perfect and write down the three different uses with an example.

Activity 2: Listen to this interactive explanation about the form of the present perfect and complete the tasks on-line.

Activity 3: Complete this activity about the difference between the simple past and the present perfect tenses.

Activity 4: Now match these sentences.

Activity 5: Now complete with the correct participle BEEN (you have already come back) or GONE (you have gone but have not come back yet).

Activity 6: Complete with HAS or HAVE.

Activity 7: Put the words in order.

Activiy 8: Now complete with the adverbs SINCE (a point in time) or FOR (a period of time).

Activity 9: Now complete with the correct adverbial: FORSINCEALREADYYETEVERSTILLAGO.

Activity 10: Visit this website and write a summary in your notebook.

present perfect

Activity 11: Now play this game and select the correct answer.


Activity 12: Finally practise the past simple and past participles of irregular verbs with this interesting on-line application.

Don’t forget to send a comment telling us your opinion about these activities!


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