Myths and legends surrounding Seville

This year we will visit the centre of Seville and find tourists to tell them legends about the different monuments or places in our city. In this new project you will include:

1. You will work in groups and design an itinerary where every member of the group will tell a legend about a famous place in the centre of Seville.

2. You will also create a quiz with five multiple-choice questions about each legend.

3. If the tourists answer correctly they will receive a prize which you will design. It can be a bookmark with a summary or quote of the legend and an image related to the place or story.

4. The final project is a video with the recording of every interview.

Here is a list of resources you can use for this project:

The Legend of Sierpes



The legend related to the relevant and well organised. 1
The language used correct grammatically and in spelling. 1


The questions in the quiz are well organised and related to the legend. 1
The language used in the questions in correct grammatically and in spelling. 1


The text included in the bookmarks is appropriate and correct. 1
The images and design of the prize is correct. 1


The legend is told individually clearly, not reading, with a good pronunciation. 2
The video is arranged correctly including images, music and the individual participation of all the members. 2

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