Interview of the week

This week we have an interview, which will be presented by José Antonio Cárdenas.

  1. What two awards has he recently received?
  2. Which is the drink he usually get during a match?
  3. What is his favourite character of Donald Duck?
  4. How many people could play against him at the same time (in blindfolden)?
  5. How much time does he dedicate to chess, appart from the professional tournaments?
  6. What is his main ambition now?
  7. Who previous chess player was he compared with?
  8. Which illness do some people think he suffers?
  9. Which are the more usual words which appears in Google when you write “Mnagus Carlsen”?
  10. When was the last time he fell off?
  11. How is the relationship between Gemma Arterton and Magnus?

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