Song of the week: “Winds” by Birdy

In this term you will bring songs to practise English in the classroom.

Here is the first song of the week: “Wings” by the young British songwriter Birdy. Her real name is Jasmine Van Den Bogaerde. She was first known for a striking and stripped down piano-backed version of Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love.” A self-titled solo album of mostly covers (including a wonderful version of Phoenix’ “1901”), a collaboration with Mumford and Sons on “Learn Me Right” (from the soundtrack to the animated film Brave) and her own “Just A Game” on the Hunger Games soundtrack. Now the 17-year-old songwriter is back with “Wings,” the first track from her album Fire Within.

This is the official videoclip.

Click here to play a game to complete the lyrics.

Finally, to know more about Birdy, a young British artist.

Now complete these questions about the song and the artist Birdy:

  1. Where is Birdy from?
  2. How old is she?
  3. Why is Birdy her nickname?
  4. Why is her song “Wings” so famous in Spain?
  5. What was her inspiration to write this song?
  6. What’s her mother’s job?
  7. What kind of music does she like?
  8. When does she prefer composing?
  9. What is her latest album?
  10. Write a magazine interview about Birdy. Include an good introduction and some interesting questions.

Send a comment! What is your opinion about the song and Birdy? Have you heard about her before? Do you know anything else about her?

This is another lyrics video of the song “Not About Angels”.

Here is another song “Just a Game” from the film “Hunger Games”.


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