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Songs of the week

on June 12, 2014

For the last week of the year we will have two songs of the week. Here is the first song “Counting Stars” by OneRepublic which will be presented by Sergio and Aarón.

First pay attention to the original video clip of the song Counting Stars

Here is the lyrics video:

Now answwer the following questions about the song:

  1. What does OneRepublic try to tell us with this song?
  2. What do you feel when you are listening to this song?
  3. Why did the singer lose his dream?
  4. Do you like this song?
  5. Why?

Play the lyrics training of this song:

Lyrics training: http://lyricstraining.com/play/onerepublic/counting_stars/HW8nMdG2LW

Here is the second song which will be presented by Leo and Julián, “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons.

Watch the video of the song.

Now pay attention to the lyrics video.

It’s time to answer some questions about the song:

  1. What’s the song about?
  2.  How did you feel when you were listening to the song?

Here is the game in Lyrics training of the song “Radioactive”.



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