Short of the day

Today we will see another short film presented by Rafa and Manuel. The title of the short is “She and her cat”.

First watch the video:

She and her cat

Answer these questions before reading the summary:

  1. What do you think this video is about?
  2. Do you have any pets?

This is the summary of the short film:

This short is made by Makoto Shinkai, a famous Japanese film director. Some of his films are “5 centimeters per second” and “The garden of words”. The short occurs over the span of a year. It’s about a woman (She) who picks up a cat (Chobi) during a rainy spring day. The cat falls in love with his owner because of her kindness and beauty. During the summer Chobi gets a girlfriend (Mimi), but he refuses to marry her. On an autumn day She has a conversation over the phone. After it, She cries and becomes depressed. Chobi doesn’t understand anything, so he stays with her. In winter, She continues her normal life. She and Chobi are happy together.

Answer these questions before watching the video:

  1. Do you feel any relationship with your pet?
  2. Would you be sad without it?

Answer questions after watching the video:

  1. Have you ever picked up an animal from the street?
  2. Have you ever thought about how pets feel the world?
  3. Would to like to know the thoughts of your pet?
  4. When you feel sad, do you stay with your pet?
  5. What do you think the phone call was about?
  6. At the end, She and Chobi say “This world, we love it”. In the original Japanese short, the end has a different translation: “This world, I think we like it”. What could this quote mean?
  7. Why do you think the director made the short in black and white?
  8. How do you think the story could continue?

And now we are going to watch another short film presented by José and company.

  1. Do you think having friends can help you to be succesful in your life?
  2. Have you got a best friend?.. Why is him/her your bestfriend?
  3. Would you betray a friend for your own ambitions?
  4. Some people say that ”Friends are the family that we choose”. Are you agree?
  1. Make a summary of the short “Friendsheep”.
  2. Why was everyone frightened when the wolf started to work in the officine?
  3. Do you think that the wolf is regretful about the thing that he did?
  4. This short is an example of: The things aren´t going well always . The sheep had became in his friends, why do you think that he did it?
  5. At first, why did the wolf want to work in the office?
  6. Why do you think that only one sheep tried to help the wolf?
  7. Sincerally, do you think that the wolf feels anytime the feeling of friendship with the sheep?

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