European Day of Languages

Next Friday 26th we celebrate the European Day of Languages to promote the importance of learning foreign languages.

Activity 1: First, watch this video about this event.

Activity 2: Click on the map of Europe and learn about the different languages spoken in this continent.


 Activity 3: Answer these questions:

  1. What language do French, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian and Italian descend from? Greek or Latin
  2. Which family do they belong to? Romance language family or Slavic family
  3. Whichtwo  languages belong to the Germanic family? Spanish / English / German / Portugal
  4. Which family do Russian, Polish and Czech belong to? Romance family / Slavic family
  5. Which family do Irish, Scots Gaelic and Welsh belong to? German family or Celtic family
  6. Which two languages belong to the Finno-Ugric family? English / Finnish / Hungarian
  7. Where is Basque spoken?

Activity 4: Now  let’s learn more about ten language spoken in Europe.  Click on the map and find out ore information about these languages.

  1. Which are the ten languages spoken in Europe that appear on the map?
  2. Where are they spoken?
  3. How do they say Hello and Bye-Bye in these different languages?

Activity 5: Now let’s learn more about languages in general. Pay attention to the following language facts.



Activity 6: Finally, let’s try a language quiz to check what you have learnt!




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