History of the English language

Today we will learn about where the English language comes from.

Activity 1: First, watch this video about the different periods in the formation of English. Write at least three words for the different chapters:

  1. Anglo-Saxons (410 AD)
  2. Norman Conquest (1066-1453)
  3.  Shakespeare (1564-1616)
  4. The King James Bible (1611)
  5. The English of Science (late 17th century. Age of Enlightment)
  6. English and Empire (16th century. British Empire and the Age of Discovery)
  7. The Age of the Dictionary (Dictionary of the English Language 1746-1755)
  8. American English (1607 Pilgrims to America)
  9. Internet English (1991)
  10. Global English

Activity 2: Now, let’s listen to another story of the English language with more details. Answer the quiz that appear on-line.



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