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Exploring our Solar System

on October 16, 2014

This “Super Friday” we will learn about the outer space, our Solar System and its planets.

Activity 1: First, watch this video about the solar system!

Activity 2: Now, watch this interesting video about the planets of in our Solar System. In your notebook write down interesting facts about each planet.

Activity 3: Now let’s learn more about these planets. Copy the mnemonic to remember the order of the planets in your notebook.


Activity 4: Now complete this game about the order of the planets in the solar system.


Activity 5: Now watch tabout  Bill Nye the Science Guy, a funny scientist who explains how far the sun is and other stars in space. Why do they say WHOA?

Activity 6: Now pay attention to this video about Bill Nye the Science Guy in ourter space to know how far apart the planets are in our solar system.

Activity 6: Now pay attention to this demonstration of the size and distance of the planets. Write down the name of the planets and the distance in scale.

Activity 7: Finally, watch this interesting video about the Sun.

Send a comment! Which is your favourite video or interactive activity? Can you find any other videos or interactive activities related to the planets on the Internet. Send the link in a comment.


8 responses to “Exploring our Solar System

  1. carmen herrera moreno says:

    Hello teacher ¡ how are you ? i’m very happy for you videos is very interesting and very funny jajajaajaaj bey bey ¡ 🙂 😉 (L)

  2. hello teacher ! how are you?ii’m very happy

  3. Alicia fdez rey says:

    Hello favorite teacher the games are very funny 🙂
    good bey

  4. Alicia fdez rey says:

    🙂 😛

  5. morales says:

    hello favourite teacher your videos are very interesting. Bey Bey.

  6. isabelmag says:

    Hello my favorite teacher was like I video

  7. Paula Herrera says:

    Hello my favourite teacher! I like the plays of the web! Bye-bye! See you!

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