Creating a monster for Halloween

We are going to create and describe a monster for Halloween week.

We will decorate the classroom with all your monsters. Next Monday 26th you will give your teacher a description and a monster created using pencils, crayons, paper, cardboard or any other materials. Don’t write your name on the monster. Keep it secret! Be creative!

You will write sentences describing the physical characteristics of a monster.

Include all this information in this order: 

NAME: His/Her name is …

COUNTRY: He/She is from …

AGE: He/ She is ten years old.

COLOUR: He/ She is blue, grey, white, purple, etc.

PARTS OF THE BODY: He/ She has two big ears, four arms, six fingers in each hand, two small horns on his/her head, etc.

ADJECTIVES: He/She is funny, clean, scary, ugly, tall, short, big, huge, small, tiny, enormous, strange, unusual, similar to …, different from …, etc.

Activity 1: First create your own monster on-line.


Activity 2: Draw yourself wild and write the description in your notebook.

  1. I have got long black hair.
  2. My eyes are big/small. 
  3. I am wearing a skirt / jeans / trousers / a t-shirt / trainers.

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