Library of Alexandria

In this cross-curricular project you will work in groups of pairs in the following subjects: Philosophy, CMC and English.

In pairs you will research about the most important discoveries and contributions of the School of Alexandria. In class, each group will make an oral presentation about well-known personalities, places and institutions related to the film “Agora”.

You should include only the most relevant information since presentations should take no more than 4-6 minutes. You have to disguise as the characters you are playing. You can also bring props to create an atmosphere of that time and place.

The rest of the class will have to guess which character, place or institution you are presenting. They should also fill in the gaps in a worksheet with the required information provided about the characters.

Here is the worksheet with the information you have to find out to present in class. The day of the presentation, all the class will have to fill in this worksheet.

Click in Alexandria worksheet to see the information you have to search on the Internet.

Each member of your team will work on two different aspects of a biography: 

  1. Personal or historial data
  2. Accomplishments
  3. Personal or historical events
  4. A quote 

In the biography you will present you have to include the following linguistic structures:

  1. Action verbs in past tenses: discovered, painted, wrote, invented, discovered
  2. Time connectors: when, after that, while, at the age of, then, at the same time, next, later, before, by, meanwhile …
  3. A passive voice sentence

You can use some useful resources for your project:

  1. Biographies of Hipatia and other mathematicians
  2. Mathematicians born in Egypt
  3. Introduction to Agora



PRESENTATION DATES: Monday 15th December in Philosophy and English and Tuesday 16th in CMC.


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