Shorts and song of the week

This week we have a short and a song which will be presented by Lozano, Richard, Linares and Adame.

Answer the following questions before watching the video and listening to the song:

Alejandro Lozano:

  1. Do you think that it is important to believe in yourself?
  2. Do you have any dream that you will fulfill, or you have a dream but you already fulfilled?

Ricardo Fernández:

  1. Is there something that stops you to fulfill your dream?
  2. Do you think that  it is better to fulfill your dream alone, or with the help of someone?(friends, family, etc)

Answer these questions after watching the video and listening to the song:

Fernando Linares:

  1. How do you feel after watching the video?
  2. After that, do you believe that if you make an effort and make your best, you can fulfill your dream?
  3. Do you believe that doing what the video say you will be able to fulfill your dream?

Daniel Adame:

  1. Have you ever sacrificed for something to get it?
  2. Do you think that you will finally get to fulfill your dream?

Another group coposed by Nerea, Miguel and Alejandro, will present the following short.



  1. Can you can imagine a world without people, animals…? (Miguel)
  2. Would you like to live in a world with a robot? (Miguel)
  3. Say why you would need a robot, if the robots existed. (Miguel)


  1. Why do you think Leo hasn”t any friends? (Nerea)
  2. What do you do in the situation of Leo? (Nerea)
  3. Do you sometimes feel alone? (Alejandro)
  4. What do you think your reaction would be if you met another human? (Alejandro)
  5. Do you think that we can live alone in the world? Why? (Alejandro)

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