Shorts of the week

Here are two more short videos to present and discuss in class.

Questions before watching the video.

Manuel: Do you have a diary or something written to you in the future?

Manuel: How do you feel when you find something that remembers yourself when you were young?

David: How do you think you would be in the future? (I’ll be a doctor, married, rich…)

Questions after watching the video.

Laura: What would you say to you from 20 years ago?

Laura: There something , an object, food, person or place that makes you remember when you were a child?

David: Has a teacher done something very important to you?

Angie: What would you say to your past yourself?

Angie: Do you still write letters?

Here is the second short video: Little Cupido fighting for love in Paris


1. Do you believe in forever love?

2. Do you believe in love at first sight?

3. Do you think a couple should have the same hobbies?

4. Is it good love yourself? To what extent?

5. Do you think that you have to look for love, or love comes only?

6. Do you think having a partner hurts your relationship with your family and friends?




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