The Butterfly Circus

We will create a word cloud with words in English and Spanish with words related to peace.

Activity 1: Click here to create our cloud.

Activity 2: We we will also watch the short film “Butterfly Circus” to celebrate the Peace Day.

“…the greater the struggle, the more glorious the triumph”


Here are some questions to discuss in class:

  1. Which character do you identify with the most? Why?
  2. What does Will believe about himself at the beginning of the film? At the end?
  3. Have you experienced something that changed how you view yourself, for better or for worse? What was it?
  4. Have you ever had any big challenges to overcome? What were they?
  5. What does the ringmaster of The Butterfly Circus represent to you?
  6. Have you ever known anyone like the ringmaster?
  7. What is the meaning of  the butterfly?
  8. What is your favourite part of the short film?
  9. Did you like the film? Why?

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