Word order in questions

With this activity we will revise the word order in questions.

Activity 1: First pay attention to the question words.

Activity 2: First, read and answer these questions.

  1. When is your birthday?
  2. What‘s your favourite book?
  3. When / Where do you usually do your homework?
  4. Have you got any pets?
  5. What time do you finish school?
  6. What do you usually do at the weekend?
  7. What time do you usually get up?
  8. How many brothers or sisters have you got?
  9. Where do you live?
  10. What‘s your favourite school subject?
  11. What are you good at?
  12. Where do you usually go in summer?
  13. How are you?
  14. What time do you go to bed?
  15. What do you usually watch on TV?
  16. How often do you brush your teeth?
  17. How many cousins have you got?
  18. How old are you?
  19. Where are you from?
  20. Who is your favourite actor?
  21. When do you usually meet your friends?
  22. Have you got a large or small family?
  23. Do you live in a big or small house?
  24. What do you usually have for breakfast?
  25. How often do you go to the cinema?
  26. Why do you like Spain?
  27. How many rooms are there in your house or flat?
  28. How old is your mother?
  29. How many subjects have you got?
  30. What time do you finish school?

Here is the pdf document: word order in questions

Activity 3: Now go to the application of Learningapps and create an interactive activity to practise questions, word order, and answers for next “super Friday”.


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