What are they doing?

On this post you will see the difference between daily routines and actions that you are doing at the moment.

Activity 1: Pay attention to this interactive presentation. Complete the activities on-line.


Activity 2: Group the sentences in present simple and present continuous.


Activity 3: Now learn the formation and uses of the present continuous.


Activity 4: Now let’s play a game.


Activity 5: Finally, let’s listen to a song. Write down all the verbs you can find in the present continuous.


Here is the original song “Lemon Tree” by Fool’s Garden on Youtube:


12 thoughts on “What are they doing?

  1. carmen herrera moreno says:

    hello teacher¡ how are you ? very good ¿no? yes yes , the activities are very interesting , because you are the best teacher in the high school.kisses from my favorite teacher by: Carmen Herrera Moreno of 1ºB

  2. Marta :) says:

    Hello teacher Carmen. We are Nuria M. , Alicia F. and Marta S. We do the activities and we say that are very interesting and funny. Also, we listen the songs. Goodbye teacher.

  3. estheer gomez:) says:

    hello favorite teacher! activities I liked a lot and are very funny and the song too 🙂
    activity and search for words ending in-ing in the song also was very funny!
    goodbye favorite teacher! bss 🙂

  4. kelita;) says:

    hi! favourite teacher! you is best and the activites is a very,very good.
    see you my favourite,best teacher

  5. Alicia:) says:

    Hello teacher im Alicia and Nuria we do the activities again to study , the Games are really good we love it. See you soon teacher. We love you 🙂

  6. andrea arques rodriguez says:

    hello teacher are very funny activities and very interesting. 🙂
    Goodbye my favourite teacher!!

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