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Houses in history

on March 22, 2015

On this post we will learn about the parts of the house: furniture, objects and rooms.

Activity 1: Read this interactive book about the description of houses.


Activity 2: Now learn more about the parts of the house with this presentation.


Activity 3: Describe this house.


  1. The rooms: There is a big bathroom upstairs.
  2. The objects, furniture and gadgets in each rooms: In the bathroom, there is / are …
  3. Adjectives before the nouns: colour, big, small, comfortable, modern, etc. There is a comfortable bunk bed in the bedroom.
  4. Prepositions: next to, near, on, in, between, in front of, etc. There is a washing machine next to the oven.
  5. The objects and gadgets that did not exist in the 16th century: There wasn’t / there weren’tThere weren’t any plastic chairs. There wasn’t any electricity.

Project: We will create a presentation with a description of a house in past. Choose a house in history using THERE WAS / THERE WERE.

Oral presentation: Study the description of your house. You cannot read the text on the screen.

House 1: Visit this castle


House 2: Visit Aston Hall


House 3: Visit Blakesley Hall, a Tudor house.


House 4: Visit this Victorian house.

victorian house

House 5: Visit this house at war.



2 responses to “Houses in history

  1. Nurii says:

    Hello teacher, have completed the presentation of my dream house, but… are what send you it?

  2. Marta Herenciia says:

    Hello my favourite teacher,old activities are very funny,and perfect.I LOVE YOUR ACTIVITIES

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