The water cycle and the rock cycle explained in comics

We will start a new project for Science and English!

In groups of three students you will create a comic to expalin the water cycle or the rock cycle.

Using the application to create comics called Pixton you will design a comic which has to include the following elements:

  1. Six panels or eight panels which are illustrations in a square or rectangular frame including:
    1. One introductory panel with a caption with the title and introduction of the character that will explain the cycle: “The Water Cycle” or “The Rock Cycle” and a character (a teacher, student, a robot, an alien, a water drop, a cloud, a rock, etc) introducing the topic.
    2. Some panels to explain every step of the cycle with a caption with the name of the different part of the cycle: evaporation, condensation, precipitation and runoff. and the character explaining what it is happening.
    3. A final panel to include a conclusion and the creditswith the names of the writers and artists.
  2. Speech balloons, which contain what a character is saying.
  3. Thought balloons, containing what a character is thinking. They usually have the shape of a cloud.
  4. Sound effects, which are words that describe noises or sounds.
  5. Captions, which are words that are not in speech or thought balloons usually in a square or rectangle. The captions are for the title and each process of the cycle you will explain.




This is the first comic created by Irene, Paula and Raquel about the Rock Cycle:

This is the second comic created by Lucía, Anabel and Nerea about the Rock Cycle:


Here is the amazing comic created by Paula, Isabel and Jesús:


Here are some resources to take information for your project:







To create your comic go to the website of Pixton and sign up in Pixton for schools. When you enter the site and write the activation code (RY6E-MP). Only one member of the group has to sign up.


The deadline to complete the project is Friday 6th March.

Here are some comic examples:


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