Super Thursday songs

Today we will listen to some good songs to practise our English. Listen and sing along!

The first two songs will be presented by Lidia, Andrea and Alicia.

Questions before listening to the song:

  1. What types of songs do you usually listen to when you are sad? Why?
  2. Do you think that it’s good to listen to sad songs when you are in a low mood?

Someone like you- Adele

Questions after listening to the song:

  1. Have you ever been in love? How can you describe that feeling?
  2. Do you think you can compare the feeling of when you’re in love with the feeling of when you’re heartbroken?
  3. Are you one of those people who think about looking for the love or you just believe in wait for it?

Let’s play a game with the lyrics of the song in lyricstraining

Let her go- Passenger

  1. What do you feel when you listen to this song?
  2. Do you understand the song? What is the song talking about?
  3. Did you let someone go because of any reason? Maybe because of the fear?
  4. If you could give an advice to someone about not letting pass any chance, what would it be?

Here is another song presented by Bea, Fani, Anabel and Andrea

Questions before the video:

  1. Are you comfortable with yourself? (Bea)
  2. Do you think that the most important of a person is the part that you can see? (Andrea)
  3. What’s the better way to overcome your fears? (Anabel)
  4. Is it important to you what the others say about your appearance? (Fani)

Questions after the video:

  1. What’s the best of yourself? (Bea)
  2. If you could change anything about yourself, what would you change? (Bea)
  3. Do you think that you should change something about yourself if the people criticize you for it? (Fani)
  4. How would you help a person who isn’t comfortable with herself or himself? (Fani)
  5. Do you think that words have more power than we think when we use them? (Andrea)
  6. Who do you think is to blame for what we see bad about ourselves? (Andrea)
  7. Which is worse for you: failing or not trying? (Anabel)
  8. What are the thing you haven’t done and you would like to do? What’s stopping you? (Anabel)

Let’s sing along! Here is the laraoke version of this song:

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