Predictions and obligations

On this post we will learn how to make predictions and talk about obligations using the structures: GOING TO (ir a) / MUST (deber) / MUSTN’T (no deber).

Activity 1: First, talk about the weather using the verbs: IS, WAS and IS GOING TO.


Activity 2: Now listen to these children talking about their future professions when they grow up.


Activity 3: Complete these activities on-line.


Complete with MUST (deber)  or MUSTN’T (no deber).



8 thoughts on “Predictions and obligations

  1. Alicia fdez rey says:

    hello teacher these activities are very interesting and very good videos well done .

    see you soon

  2. Gemichi@ says:

    Professor I have taken most of the afternoon playing games and doing activities blog.
    Were very very funny.
    We’ll see.

  3. Marta :) says:

    Teacher, I do the activities and I practise de “listening” with song and films. ARe very funny and interesting.
    See you tomorrow.

  4. Migel Cabello says:

    Hello favourite teacher!!!! For the summer I am going to travel to the country in Extremadura with my friends Marta and Marcos. Too I going to play play on the computer with my friends Antonio and we see videos on the Internet in my house. For finished I am going to travel with my cousin Pablo to Guéznar

  5. Antonio Malagón says:

    Hello, teacher. In the summer I going to go Miguel´s house for play the computer and videogames. I am going to travel to the Huelva in the “Estation”. Too I am going to travel beach the Mazagón.

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