"Learn to imagine, imagine to learn" with the Bilingual Program at I.E.S. Albert Einstein"

Welcome to our Bilingual Program!

on September 16, 2015

Welcome to Albert Einstein Secondary School to all the new students! For the rest, welcome back!


Here is a presentation about our Bilingual Program so you can learn more about the subjects you learn in English, our methodology and a few tips to have the best results.


In our classroom we all follow this simple rule:


Now listen to a beautiful video about our new school year!

Finally, let’s work in collaborative teams now and create our own acrostic poems all together to decorate the classroom!

Respect, imagination, teamwork, interaction, interest and creativity, the basic ingredients of our Bilingual Program!

Click here to download the templates of these acrostic poems.


Send a comment! What other ingredients do you consider important in your school?


2 responses to “Welcome to our Bilingual Program!

  1. Carmen mellado says:

    Teacher you’re funny, sympathetic and very pretty and I’m going yo pasa this course is super good with you.😘😁😉

  2. Fran says:

    Teacher you are the best

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