1 A Bachillerato Super Friday videos

Here are our first videos to celebrate our Super Friday.

FIRST VIDEO: “Hotel California” by Eagles

The first video will be presented by Lucía Sánchez, Manuel Álvarez y Laura Díaz.

Activities: Click on Hotel California to complete the activities for this song.

Final question: What do you thin the song is about?

 SECOND VIDEO: Nick Vujicic “Never Give Up

The second video will be presented by Adrian Castillo Paula Marin y Ismael De Los Santos.

Introduction: Do you want to know more about Nick Vujicic?

Activities: Click on the Activities about Never Give Up to work on this video.

Teachers’ activity: Watch this short film starred by Nick Vujicic “The Butterfly Circus”


Your project will be evaluated according to this criteria: Video presentation rubrics


3 thoughts on “1 A Bachillerato Super Friday videos

  1. Claudia Marín says:

    Paula, Adrián and Ismael: I love your video! I think that Nick Vujicic is an example of superation, I admire him a lot!

  2. Javier Lopez says:

    I like it,because it’s an short film about our self-motivation and it reflects that somebody can get anything you want

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