Unit 1: Interactive Revision

This “super” Thursday we will revise all the contents for unit 1 in a really fun way playing interactive activities on the digital board. Practise at home too!

Activity 1: Play this game to learn about some countries and nationalities we have study in unit 1. Write the 5 sentences in your NOTEBOOK and copy the six continents that are in the second activity. And draw the 5 flags too.

  1. They are from America. They are American. 
  2. He is …
  3. They are …
  4. They are …
  5. She is …


Activity 2: Now let’s learn more countries and nationalities. Anwer these questions in your NOTEBOOK:

  1. What’s your name?
  2. What’s your nationality?
  3. How old are you?


Activity 3: Here are more interactive activity about the contents for unit 1. Answer these questions in your NOTEBOOK:

  1. What nationalities appear in this activity?
  2. What’s the teacher’s name?


Activity 4: Finally, let’s revise the use of CAPITAL letters in English with this interactive story.


And that is all! I hope you all liked these activities.


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