1 Bachillerato Super Friday videos!!!

Here are two more videos to celebrate our super Friday!


The first video will be presented by Alba, Paola and Ana.

Task 1: Pay attention to this video:
Task 2: Now answer some questions:
  1. Do you like totally your body? Do you have something in your bodies that you want to change?
  2. Do you think all these comple increase or decrease with age?
  3. Remember when you were children, did you want to change something on your bodies?
Task 3: Complete this activity.
The second video will be presented by Claudia Gallego, Javi López and Rocío Cárdenas

Task 1: Watch the following video.

Task 2: Now answer these questions:

  1. What is the name of the Pastor’s article?
  2. What’s the article about?
  3. Enumerate the TV series that she talks about.
  4. What do you think about what the pastor said?
  5. Do you agree with Ellen?

Task 3: Listen carefully and fill in the blanks.



Task 4: Now watch the second video:

Task 5: Now discuss these questions.

  1. Will you help a homeless child like this? How?
  2. What do you think about the action of the homeless man?
  3. How did the people react when they see the boy?
  4. At the end the homeless man cries, why do you think he does it?

7 thoughts on “1 Bachillerato Super Friday videos!!!

  1. Juan Carlos Frías says:

    I can’t see the first video, but I guess it’s very interesting. The second one was hilarious, Ellen is one of the funniest celebrities ever!

    The second video was amazing, but why I was actually impressed about was most of my mates reaction: they thought that if they saw a homeless child they would stop and help him/her. But I don’t agree; when we go to the city centre we see a lot of beggars, and I wonder how many of my mates give, at least, one cent to them. Maybe I’m so selfish or they’re too hypocritical.

  2. Ana Isabel Oliver says:

    The three videos are very interesting but that I liked is the second because I like very much Ellen because is one of the best known celebrities and fun to the world of television.

  3. Javier Lopez says:

    I have seen the video of the another class and I think this video reflects why we don’t value our body neither our virtues and defects,so that it’s harmul to our way of being.Everybody must love for being like himself or herself.

  4. Rocío Cárdenas says:

    I know is late, but I have just seen Alba’s video and I have to say that I love it. I think is totally true, we never are happy with the things we have and maybe that’s what we aren’t happy.

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