1 Bachilleraro Super Friday videos!!!

Here are two more videos to celebrate our Super Friday!

Video presented by: Pablo Cárdenas López, Jorge Moldez Márquez and Jose Manuel Márquez Villaverde


  1. If you were the homeless, you would lend your shoes to the man?
  2. Now Fousey will go to talk with a normal person of the street to try get her shoes. Do you think that this person will lend him the shoes?
  3. Now Fousey will go to ask to different homeless if they would lend the shoes What do you believed that do Fousey with the shoes?
  4. Will he keep the shoes or return the shoes?
  5. Now put yourself in the situation of the homeless what do you do with your new shoes? Would you sell it? Would you keep them? Or what?


Video presented by Ana Oliver and Alejandro Viedma.

Task 1: Watch this videoclip of a song

Task 2: Which is the topic of the song?

  1. Hate
  2. Breaking-up
  3. Both answers are correct

Task 3: Now watch the lyric video of the song.

Task 4: Finally complete these activities.


Task 5: Let’s sing along!


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