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Let’s celebrate Halloween week!

on October 28, 2015

Halloween is next week and we are going to create our own spooky monster to decorate the classroom. Apart from that interesting project, we will complete these ten interactive activities in class. I hope you all learn a lot about Halloween and have fun!

Activity 1: Find the following Halloween creatures.


Activity 2: Now make your own pumpkin.


Activity 3: Play this word search game.


Activity 4: Now try this other word search.


Activity 5: Listen to this story about a green monster.


Activity 6: It is time for another story. Listen carefully!


Activity 7: Now we are going to write a scary story.


Activity 8: Listen to the following song about Halloween from the film “Nightmare Before Christmas”.

Activity 9: And finally, it is time to dance this song following this choreography!

Here is one more funny song to dance!

Send a comment! Did you like these Halloween activities? What was your favourite activities? Do you celebrate Halloween? How?


6 responses to “Let’s celebrate Halloween week!

  1. silviaysaray says:

    hello teacher my favourite teacher is carmen mellado

  2. silviaysaray says:

    hello teacher we are saray and silvia I love teacher is CARMEN MELLADO

  3. jose reina says:

    hello our names alejandro and jose
    we like the activities a lot
    we favorite teacher is carmen mellado

  4. My english teacher is very beautiful. She is very nice and very very funny. WE LOVE YOU TEACHER!!

  5. justo y miguel en informatica says:


  6. jorge.chema.ivan says:

    Theacher you are the beast teacher of the world BEAUTIFUL

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