Creating timelines

This week we will learn what a timeline is and how to order events along a timeline.

We will start with the timelines of famous people in history. Complete these tasks in groups of three.

ACTIVITY 1: Click on the image of each famous person and complete the information on this worksheet.

  1. Isambard Kingdom BrunelHe was a famous engineer. He was born in 1806 and he died in 1859.
  2. Christopher Columbus
  3. Elizabeth Fry
  4. Henry VIII
  5. Edward Jennel
  6. Florence Nightingale
  7. Samuel Pepys
  8. Pocahontas
  9. Mary Seacole
  10. George Stephenson

famous people

ACTIVITY 2: Go the section called JOURNEYS. Every group will work on a famous person. Read and listen to the life of a famous person. On the timeline diagram in the worksheet, write the important events in his or her life.


ACTIVITY 3: Now go to the section TIMELINE and write one important event for each date on the worksheet. 



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