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Daily routines

on February 17, 2016

On this post we will review daily routines, the actions that we do every day in English.

Activity 1: Learn and practise the daily routines.

routinesActivity 2: Let’s practise structures to speak about your free time and daily routines.


Activity 3: Now practise the present simple with these interactive activities.


Activity 4: Watch this video about a girl´s daily routines.

Activity 5: Finally, write about the girl’s daily routines in your notebook in the third person singular  following the example.

Example: She wakes up at … 

Use the following words:

  1. Connectors: Then, After that, Later, Finally
  2. Frequency adverbs: Always, usually, often, sometimes, never
  3. Time expressions: In the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, at night, at half-past eight, at one o’clock

2 responses to “Daily routines

  1. marta herencia says:

    Hello my favourite teacher,OLD activities are very incredible:)

  2. maria lovetequiero says:

    teacher i am is love activities

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