Let’s start the school year with a smile!

Welcome back to school! Let’s start the school year with a smile. Here is the short film called “Validation”. It is a story about a parkig attendant who gives his customers real validation, giving both free parking and free compliments. It shows the magic of looking for the best in people.


Before you watch the film:

  1. When was the last time you smiled? Why did you smile?
  2. How often do you smile?
  3. When was the last time you gave a compliment? What did they say?
  4. What do you think about giving compliments?
  5. Whay about receiving them?

While you watch the film:

  1. What famous people appear in the video?
  2. When did Victoria last smile?
  3. What happens to Hugh when he can’t make Victoria smile?
  4. Why did Victoria’s mother forget how to smile?
  5. What city do they visit?

After you watch the film:

  1. Did you like the film? Why (not)?
  2. What is motivation?
  3. In which way can we help people to increase their motivation?
  4. Can people destroy your motivation?
  5. How are you best motivated?

Watching another short film called “Post-it”:

Group activities:

  1. In groups of four, you have to create a lesson plan to work on the short film “Post-it”. Each member of the group will be charge of one of these sections:
    1. Design a poster for the film
    2. Three questions before watching the film: three questions
    3. Three questions while watching the film
    4. Three questions after watching the film
  2. Write down compliments about the other students in their group using the 3 different constructions. When you finish writing the compliments, read them out to the other members of the group.
  3. To be + adjective: You’re so kind.
  4. You’ve got + adjective + noun:  You’ve got beautiful eyes.
  5. Verbs:  That shirt matches your eyes / That dress suits you / Those trousers flatter you.

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