RadioActive T.E.A.M. Session 1

We start a new eTwinning project this year: RadioActive T.E.A.M. (The European Audio Magazine).


Click here to go to the Twinspace.

Student-journalists from various European countries share their perceptions of international news, interact and collaborate in international teams for a school year. They express themselves through a variety of media: they participate in a school web-radio channel including a selection of programmes designed by the teams – composing their theme music, writing radio scripts and editing radio podcasts about topics related to their interests and global issues. They also collaborate to create and publish an e-magazine presenting current events from their perspective. Each international team will create a 10-15 minutes programme about a topic in common. The national groups will have to work on the topic choose a different format: interview, documentary, drama, talk show, etc.

The tasks for October and November are:

  1. Break the ice!
    • Personal profile: Complete the personal profile with information about your age, school, nationality and interests.
    • Group presentation: introduce your national group in this padlet writing about your interests in common and about what you expect in this project.
  2. Guided tour: Visit the other partners’ guided tours and complete the quiz.
  3. Forum#1: React to your partners’ presentations and guided tours in the forum#1
  4. Forum#2: Think about a topic for your radio programme and visit forum#2 to join another group or make a new proposal.

This project will be the 20% of your final marks in English. You will evaluated in these tasks:



  • Interview
  • Discussion
  • Drama
  • Reports
  • Talk shows or chat shows
  • Reviews
  • Documentary
  • Comedy


  • Refugees
  • Terrorism in the world
  • Human trafficking
  • Immigration: Spanish people around the world, French people around the world, etc.
  • Responsible consumption
  • Euthanasia
  • Violence in the media
  • Gender violence
  • Politics: compulsory voting, referendums, Brexit, USA elections, the future of Europe
  • Art: street artists, reasons for graffiti, art exhibitions
  • Ethics in sports
  • Inspirational stories of teenagers: inventors, talented children, etc.
  • Volunteering: make a difference
  • New technologies: impact of new technologies on teenagers, privacy on social media, transformation of language due to new technologies: email, WhatsApp and Twitter, Trending topics on Twitter
  • Laws on environmental issues: plastic bags
  • Subjects and methodology taught in the different schools
  • Role models
  • Dream job interviews
  • When I grow up, I want to be …
  • Future jobs
  • Teenagers’ self image
  • Healthy and fitness: eating disorders, anxiety, depression, beauty tips
  • Cringe: the most embarrassing moment
  • Reviews: new films, new video games, books
  • Family: are teenagers more independent?
  • Education: are schools teaching students for the future?, bullying
  • Creative writing: collaborative story told from different points of view, culture or places
  • Fashion using recycled materials, fashion affecting our environment
  • Animals in sports and entertainment
  • Environment: sustainable development and green cities, climate change and COP21
  • Music: street musicians, committed songs, music festivals
  • Travelling abroad

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