Oratory contest in English and Spanish

This term our cross-curricular project will consist of an oratorical contest in English and Spanish. You will work in groups of six students. Each member of the team will perform one of the following tasks.


  1. Presentation of a thought experiment. (2 minutes maximum)
  2. For and against speech about issues affecting society. (2 minutes maximum)
  3. Sale of an object. The student will choose an object from a box. They will have to convince the audience about the need and benefits of that object. (2 minutes maximum)
  4. Defensa de un escritor. (2 minutos máximo)
  5. Discurso motivador. Los alumnos intentarán persuadir al público para que actúen. (2 minutos máximo)
  6. Declamación de un poema. (2 minutos máximo)

Here is the video of the final of the contest organised in Madrid.

Here are the different tasks:

Here is a sample of a for and against speech in English.


Do you want to sound smart in your speech, watch these videos!



Super Friday Videos

This is a video about falling in love presented by Rosa’s group.


Here is an interesting video presented by Sara and Pablo.


Here is one more video about a serious problem affecting our world today presented by Miriam’s group.


Here is another video about a speech about sexism in gaming presented by Andrea’s group


Finally, here is a video about life on Mars.


Michael Jackson’s Ghosts

This Halloween week we will work on long-form music video Ghosts, a 1996 short film starring Michael Jackson, co-written by horror novelist Stephen King and directed by film director Stan Winston.

Activity 1: First, watch the video.

Activity 2: Now let’s find out more about the making of this film.

Activity 3: Write a film review using the following structure. (200-250 words). Incllude your review in you Goggle Drive document. You can add some pictures of the film too. DEADLINE: next Friday 31st October.


  1. Make your general reaction to the film clear
  2. Identify the following information:
  • Title
  • Genre
  • Director
  • Lead actors
  • Year of release


  1. Summarise the plot in a few sentences.
  2. Mention the setting: the place and time of the plot.
  3. Say something about the main characters.
  4. Say something about the content.


  1. Comment on the film.
  2. Let others know whether or not you liked the film.
  3. Why do you like it? Why don’t you like it?
  4. Is the film interesting or boring, etc.?
  5. Would you recommend the film?

You can use the following worksheet containing useful phrases to write a film review.

Activity 4: Now here is the classic “Thriller”.

Activity 5: Finally, let’s dance following the choreography of the song “Ghosts”. Let’s sing along too!

Activity 6: Why don’t we dance “Thriller” too?

Passive voice with two objects

In English we can transform the two objects a verb can have.

Activity 1: First, watch this video about the passive voice.

Activity 2: Pay attention to this explanation.

pasivActivity 3: Now practise the passive voice with these interactive activities.

passive 5

Activity 4: Finally complete these activities on-line.

pasive two


El cine como narración

Una película suele ser una novela contada en imágenes dinámicas. Las películas, como las novelas, cuentan historias. Un plano cinematográfico equivale a una frase del lenguaje escrito. El conjunto de frases, debidamente ordenadas para que tengan sentido, hacen una película.

Actividad1: Sinopsis de películas

Busca una sinopsis breve de la película que elijas. Léesela al resto de tus compañeros para que adivinen el título.


Anota el título de las cinco películas más buscadas.

Activity 2: Guess the movie

Can you guess the movie from just one letter?


Write the film genre for each  movie.

Activity 3: Creating a movie poster

Create a movie poster using this on-line resource.


Activity 4: Playing a fun movie game

Play this fun movie game “Blockbuster Trumps”, choose an attribute for each movie character and beat the computer.



Choose three of your favourite characters and write the information that appears on the card.

Activity 5: How to write a film review

Write a film review using the information on this website:


Activité 6: Genre de films

Faites les activités proposées sur les sites suivants:




Activité 7: Annonces des films

Cherchez sur Internet a travers google.fr les bandes annonces des films de l’activité 2 page 21

Proyecto Interdiciplinar: Escenas de películas conocidas

En grupo, prepara un vídeo con tres escenas, una en cada lengua, que pudieran aparecer en películas conocidas por todos. Podéis ser originales. Las escenas que mostréis no tienen que ser copia real de la película. Puedes incluir música, pero nunca el título de las películas que tendrán que ser adivinados por los demás grupos.