Shakespeare Wall

Here are the Plotagon videos created to celebrate our cultural week this year dedicated to the Renaissance. We thought that creating stories inspired by Shakespeare could be a good idea. Watch the videos and rate them. You can add comments too. WRITE YOUR NAME TO IDENTIFY YOUR COMMENTS.




Madmagz publishing instructions

Here is the link to publish articles in our Transmission magazine.

Write the name of your team,

Check the images and their sources

Revise the grammar and that all the text can be seen clearly.

Send a message in the forum of your team congratulating them or telling them what you have corrected.



RadioActive T.E.A.M. Session 5

Today we will have three different tasks.

Task 1: Visit the page TEAM UP. Check if your national group is included in the table. Choose a topic if you have not done so yet and go to forum#2 to send your partners a message telling them that you want to collaborate with them.

Task 2: Once you have your topic, go to the page created for your team in the section EDITORIAL MEETING and brainstorm ideas about what you want to speak about.

Task 3: You will write a collaborative story about a Christmas elf that got lost. Describe what Christmas is celebrated in our country. Write about the sights, smells and sounds. You can contribute to this story during this week until the 5th December included. YOUR PARTICIPATION IN THIS STORY WILL GIVE YOU EXTRA POINTS IN THE FINAL MARKS!!!!


RadioActive T.E.A.M. Session 4


On this session, you will go participate in the two forums created so far.

Task 1: Visit the guided tours and make a comment in Forum#1. Thank your partners on their comments about our city and neighbourhood.

Task 2: Go to forum#2 to choose a topic for your radio programme. You can join another group or make a new proposal.

Here are the possible radio programme formats and topics:


  • Interview
  • Discussion
  • Drama
  • Reports
  • Talk shows or chat shows
  • Reviews
  • Documentary
  • Comedy


  • Refugees
  • Terrorism in the world
  • Human trafficking
  • Immigration: Spanish people around the world, French people around the world, etc.
  • Responsible consumption
  • Euthanasia
  • Violence in the media
  • Gender violence
  • Politics: compulsory voting, referendums, Brexit, USA elections, the future of Europe
  • Art: street artists, reasons for graffiti, art exhibitions
  • Ethics in sports
  • Inspirational stories of teenagers: inventors, talented children, etc.
  • Volunteering: make a difference
  • New technologies: impact of new technologies on teenagers, privacy on social media, transformation of language due to new technologies: email, WhatsApp and Twitter, Trending topics on Twitter
  • Laws on environmental issues: plastic bags
  • Subjects and methodology taught in the different schools
  • Role models
  • Dream job interviews
  • When I grow up, I want to be …
  • Future jobs
  • Teenagers’ self image
  • Healthy and fitness: eating disorders, anxiety, depression, beauty tips
  • Cringe: the most embarrassing moment
  • Reviews: new films, new video games, books
  • Family: are teenagers more independent?
  • Education: are schools teaching students for the future?, bullying
  • Creative writing: collaborative story told from different points of view, culture or places
  • Fashion using recycled materials, fashion affecting our environment
  • Animals in sports and entertainment
  • Environment: sustainable development and green cities, climate change and COP21
  • Music: street musicians, committed songs, music festivals
  • Travelling abroad

RadioActive T.E.A.M. Session 3

In this session, you will create a logo that identifies our project and vote for your favourite image adding arguments.

Task 1: Create a logo that identifies our project. Include the name of our project and an image related to the radio, team work, communication, etc.

Use this website to create your logo: 

Task 2: Upload your logo to this digital board adding a name and a description explaining the meaning of your creation.

Task 3: Vote for your favourite images on the Tricider board explaining why you like your choice.