Egyptian Religion

With the websites in this post you will learn about the religious beliefs, rituals and  myths of ancient Egypt.

Website 1: Gods and Goddesses

Click on the following gods and goddesses and write something about them: Osiris, Isis, Horus, Anubis, Hathor, Thoth

Website 2: Mummification

Egyptians followed an interesting ritual of mummification. Why did they do it?

List the steps for the processes of embalming and wrapping.

Website 3: Mummy Maker

Explore a mummy and a coffin and list the objects you can see and say what they were used for. Watch the video and help mummify the Pharaoh.

Find out why they mummified the bodies.

Website 4: Sacrifices

Giving offerings to the gods was an important part of their religion. Ancient Egyptians made offerings to many gods and goddesses as well as to their deceased family members.

Click on the pictures of Egyptian offerings; what are the six types of offerings?

Website 5: Hieroglyphics

Write your first name in hieroglyphics.

FINAL PROJECT:  Work in pairs. In a Openoffice document write down ten questions about one of these stories of the Egyptian mythology found in the following interactive websites. Send me the questions and answers by Sigala or email.

For example: How did Atum create himself? Was Atum male or female?

Website 1: Egyptian Creation

Website 2: How the Gods began

Post a comment! Don’t forget to send your opinion about these activities.


One thought on “Egyptian Religion

  1. Very nice selection. Thank you. I am writing an article using the Ancient Egyptian creation accounts and found you by search. Wonderful site. Instant follow. Keep it up.

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